Is It Possible to have lasik Surgery Again

Is It Possible to have lasik Surgery Again

Is It Possible to have lasik Surgery Again

Is It Possible to have lasik Surgery Again

One of the most common queries around this refractive procedure is ‘can LASIK be repeated?’. The exact answer to this depends upon the patient’s condition post-procedure. 

LASIK is a safe procedure for spectacle removal that has been in practice since 1999. The results are mostly effective and long lasting. But yes, the life-changing results may not last forever based on several factors like lifestyle, diet, and screen exposure. 

When does the need for repeat LASIK surgery arise?

Every eye is unique and thus may have a different healing process. Individuals who have aggressive healing responses to the procedure may experience under-correction of the refractive error. This means that they may still have some minor eye power even after LASIK treatment. Whereas, someone who has slow healing may complain of overcorrection. What’s noteworthy is that such occurrences are very less and most people enjoy enhanced vision soon after one procedure only. 

It is obvious that we prefer life without glasses, in certain cases there may be a need to have LASIK surgery again in the future. For instance, it can happen if the patient had very high eye power before undergoing LASIK eye surgery. Once done with the procedure, the doctor will suggest whether or not to repeat LASIK based on the thorough post-op checkup. Mostly, when there is a residual eye power and the eyes have healed perfectly fine, your doctor will recommend proceeding with a second LASIK eye surgery only after atleast 3 months of the primary LASIK

Before giving heads for a repeat LASIK procedure, doctors re-evaluate the corneal thickness, corneal strength, retina, and other factors. This helps them ensure that a corneal flap can be safely created to correct the refractive error or eye power. There are no long-term side effects or complications resulting from the second LASIK treatment. 

After the Lasik enhancement procedure, the doctor advises the same precautions as the first LASIK treatment. Make sure to abide by those to minimize the chances of eye infection or inflammation.  

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Other conditions to consider:

  • Presbyopia: It is a condition of farsightedness which mostly occurs after 40 years of age. It develops due to thickening and reduced flexibility of the lens. If a person suffers from presbyopia before or after LASIK, in both scenarios, LASIK is not the solution. In such cases, 

doctors prescribe corrective lenses or glasses. 

  • Cataracts: If cataracts gradually develop after LASIK, it will start affecting the person’s vision. In the case of cataracts, one can’t repeat LASIK, they would need to get cataract-removal surgery.  

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To know if it is safe for you to get LASIK done for the first or second time, make sure that you speak to an eye expert. Depending upon your overall eye health, it is determined whether LASIK or any other refractive procedure like SMILE, Contoura Vision, ICL, etc. Or, if you have undergone LASIK once and are looking for the best destination to get repeat LASIK surgery, visit PLANET LASIK by CENTRE FOR SIGHT. Book your face-to-face consultation with our experienced eye specialists, visit Clear all your doubts and receive the best-in-class treatment.

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