What is Contoura Vision?

Contoura Vision is a cutting-edge offering by Planet LASIK that’s all about giving you the best possible vision. It involves creating a personalized map for your eyes – this map helps our eye surgeons to use a special laser to reshape your cornea, fixing any issues with amazing accuracy. Contoura Vision surgery reveals the beauty in your eyes, making your vision sharper and clearer than ever before. At Planet LASIK, we know that everyone’s eyes are unique. With Contoura Vision, we take a close look at your eyes and create a plan that’s just for you. Our experienced doctors use the latest technology to make sure you get the best results. We believe that great vision is something everyone deserves, and Contoura Vision helps make that happen. 

So, if you’re ready to see the world more clearly, join us for a vision experience that’s personalized, precise, and practical. Contoura Vision eye surgery isn’t just about fixing vision – it’s about bringing your world into focus in the most accurate way possible. At Planet LASIK, we’re here to help you rediscover clear vision and a brighter outlook on life, thanks to Contoura Vision.

Benefits of Contoura Vision

At Planet LASIK, we’re committed to offering you the latest advancements in vision correction, and Contoura Vision stands as a testament to this commitment. When you choose Contoura Vision, you’re embracing a revolutionary procedure that redefines the way you see the world. Let’s delve into the remarkable benefits that make Contoura Vision the premier choice for personalized vision correction.

Customized Precision

Contoura Vision procedure starts with an intricate mapping of your cornea’s unique topography. This personalized map guides the laser with unparalleled precision, ensuring that each treatment is tailored to your eyes’ distinct characteristics. Say goodbye to the “one-size-fits-all” approach – Contoura surgery is all about you.

Sharper and Crisper Vision

 Wave goodbye to the world of blurriness and distortion. Contoura Vision corrects even the most subtle imperfections in your cornea, delivering vision that’s not only clearer but remarkably sharper. Enjoy the details of life with newfound clarity.

Reduced Glare and Halos

Nighttime driving and low-light conditions become more comfortable as Contoura Vision minimizes glare and halos, improving your ability to see clearly in challenging environments. Feel confident and safe, day or night.

Enhanced Contrast

See the world in vivid high definition. Contoura Vision enhances contrast sensitivity, allowing you to distinguish between colors and shades with greater clarity. Whether it’s enjoying art, appreciating nature, or simply relishing everyday moments, everything comes to life.

Quick Recovery

We understand that your time is valuable. Contoura Vision’s advanced technology often leads to a quicker recovery compared to traditional vision correction procedures. Experience the benefits sooner and get back to doing what you love.

Minimized Risk of Regression

Contoura Vision’s precision not only provides immediate results but also contributes to long-term stability. Experience lasting visual improvement and a reduced risk of regression, ensuring that your investment in clear vision is a lasting one.

Personalized Treatment Journey

Our experienced ophthalmologists will guide you through a tailored treatment journey, addressing your unique needs and concerns every step of the way. Feel confident and well-informed as you embark on the path to exceptional vision.

Contoura Vision isn’t just a procedure; it’s a transformational experience that empowers you to embrace the world with newfound clarity and confidence. At Planet LASIK, we’re dedicated to delivering the best in vision correction, and Contoura Vision treatment is at the forefront of this commitment. Join us on this journey to redefine how you see life – one personalized treatment at a time.

Cost of Contoura Vision

Planet LASIK embraces transparency in every aspect, and that includes shedding light on the intricacies of

Contoura Vision eye surgery costs

.The investment in this life-changing experience is influenced by a variety of personalized factors. The complexity of your vision correction, the advanced technology utilized, the expertise of our experienced ophthalmologists, and the thorough pre and post-operative care you receive, all contribute to the overall cost. While this figure may vary due to these considerations, we want you to be well-informed. On average, Contoura Vision price is approximately INR 95,000 or more, encompassing the tailored precision and dedicated attention that define our commitment to your visual well-being. Remember, the Contoura Vision cost is an investment in a world illuminated with sharpness and vibrancy. Your journey towards impeccable sight starts with us – let us guide you through the intricacies of refined vision, one personalized step at a time.



A preliminary assessment is conducted to determine your eligibility for Contoura Vision.

If you wear contact lenses, you will be asked to discontinue wearing them for a few days (in case of soft contact lenses) and a few weeks (for rigid gas permeable lenses) prior to the assessment/screening.

A comprehensive corneal assessment & retina examination is performed.


Your topographic imagery is collected.

A personalized treatment profile is developed.

The laser adjusts your vision by accurately reshaping your cornea based on up to 22,000 elevation points, guided by your individualized topography profile.


After 30 minutes, you are free to exit the hospital.

Eye drops are used to prevent infection and aid in the healing process.

You are evaluated the day following the procedure and one week and one month after that respectively.

NOTE: Do not rub your eyes, especially for the first 3-5 days. If you experience pain or notice any sudden decrease in vision, contact your specialist without delay.A few routine eye checkups will be done to ensure everything is perfect.


Are you eligible for Contoura Vision? Let’s find out!

To undergo Contoura Vision procedure, you must be :

  • Having a consistent prescription for eyewear (You will know that through tests once you visit our centre)
  • The cornea shouldn’t be too thin (Our experts can tell you that by conducting a test)
  • Spherical power should not be greater than 8-10 D (You will know that through a quick test)
  • Should not have any significant corneal pathology (A quick test will be done to find that out)
  • Over the age of 18

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How is Contoura Vision different from the other LASIK procedures?

Contoura Vision can correct corneal abnormalities by identifying 22,000 distinct elevation points on the cornea. It fixes both vision and corneal irregularities. The damage to the tissue is minimal & the healing after this procedure is faster without using any blade, stitch, or injection.

Is Contoura Vision worth it?

About 92.6% of the near-sighted people achieved 20/20 or better vision after Contoura Vision & in the case of 30%, Contoura Vision has outperformed glasses & contact lenses. So, Contoura Vision can be an excellent vision correction procedure to improve your vision & go specs-free.

Is Contoura Vision safe?

As Contoura Vision is a technology that is topography-guided, it only targets those areas of the cornea that need correction. This makes it one of the safest & most accurate vision correction treatments. Halo, glare & other visual disturbances are also reduced with this in those who had worn contact lenses or glasses before the procedure.

How does Contoura Vision’s accuracy help me?

Your eye is as unique as your fingerprint. Every cornea is shaped differently and made up of thousands of elevation points. Thus, accuracy matters a lot when it comes to a vision correction procedure. Thankfully, Contoura Vision corrects your eyesight by precisely reshaping your cornea based on up to 22,000 elevation points.

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