Reasons to choose SMILE

Reasons to choose SMILE

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get rid of eyeglasses in the most painless and precise manner? Thankfully, advancements in eye care technology have made that possible. No we’re not talking about a magic potion!

If dealing with myopia or nearsightedness and/or astigmatism has been giving you a rough time, you can heave a sigh of relief after knowing about ‘SMILE’, an advanced vision correction procedure. For those who are scared at the mere thought of getting a surgical procedure done for the eyes, it is a much-awaited boon.

Also known as ReLEx (Refractive Lenticule Extraction), SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction and has gained rapid recognition all across the world in today’s day and age. It is a highly precise laser vision correction procedure that offers great vision recovery. You are at the right place to know in detail the reasons to choose SMILE laser eye surgery to be able to make an informed decision about your refractive surgery.

The following are the benefits of SMILE laser eye surgery:

  • Minor incision in comparison to the standard LASIK procedure

In the standard LASIK procedure, a flap of about 22 mm is created to reshape the cornea. Whereas, in SMILE eye surgery. Unlike LASIK (Laser-Assisted In-situ Keratomileusis) surgery, no flap is created during SMILE surgery. The surgeon needs to make only a small incision of 2-4mm to remove the lenticule from the cornea. Thus, SMILE surgery is minimally invasive and there is no need for sutures as a femtosecond laser heals the cut.

  • Fast and smooth healing

As there are no major cuts and incisions involved in the SMILE eyesight correction surgery, there are lesser chances of any major trauma to the eyes. As a result, recovery is smooth and easy. There are no major or difficult post-operative precautions to observe, your doctor may advise simple tips to follow to ensure complete vision recovery and normal life routine within 1-2

days. And as you keep following the lubricant eye drops as recommended, your eyes recover fine without feeling gritty.

  • Negligible chances of post-surgery complication

ReLEx SMILE surgery is a highly safe surgical procedure. Owing to its need for minimal access to correct the refractive error, the chances of post-surgery complications and risks are almost nil. You may experience only mild temporary side-effects like dry eyes, sensitivity to light, etc. which subside within a few days only. However, if these minor problems prolong for a longer period, better arrange an immediate follow-up with your eye doctor.

  • A Very high success rate

As mentioned above, with minimal risks and complications and great results, the success rate of SMILE eye surgery is as high as 95%. This vision correction procedure is also appropriate to have long-term stability of the cornea with least chances of dry eyes.

After knowing all about SMILE surgery benefits, one question that comes here is “can anyone undergo SMILE?” Well, not every person is suitable for SMILE. To successfully undergo SMILE surgery, the myopic person should have eye power between -1.00 to -10.00 dioptres and between -0.75 to -3.00 dioptres in case of astigmatism. Doctors assess the right candidate for SMILE corrective eye surgery through several screening tests and assessments of corneal thickness, retinal strength, and overall eye health and topographies.

Final Words

SMILE is a state-of-the-art eyesight correction surgery and enables you to smile more freely in life. Getting a refractive procedure is a life changing decision and thus its crucial to think it through. Make well informed choices, what may have suited your friend or relative may not be an ideal option for you. To meet eye experts with years of experience and credibility, visit Planet Lasik by Centre for Sight. To book your appointment, log on to and choose a life without limits!

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