Contoura Vision: What to Expect?

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Contoura Vision: What to Expect?

We all know how unique fingerprints are. So, imagine if there was a refractive procedure that was as unique as your fingerprint!

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s true. Contoura Vision is a highly personalised refractive surgery that restores your vision seamlessly. The procedure redefines ‘precision’ by creating a unique treatment profile for your eye.

What makes Contoura Vision surgery so accurate?

The cornea doesn’t have a smooth surface even though it looks like it. When you look at a microscopic level, the surface has certain irregularities.

In the Contoura Vision procedure, your eye doctor will use a Topolyser to map these irregularities. Eventually, they will define 22,000 unique data points to understand how to conduct the surgery. Once this is done, you will have an optically ideal corneal surface that will give you enhanced levels of visual sharpness.

What is the difference between Contoura Vision and other LASIK surgeries?

Our eyes have two kinds of axis:

Pupillary Axis

This is the line that passes through the geometric centre of the front of the eye

Visual Axis

This line passes through the object of interest and fovea (point of maximum vision) of the eye

Laser eye procedures like LASIK and SMILE work around the Pupillary Axis to improve your vision. However, the Contoura Vision eye surgery focuses on the Visual Axis, which leads to better results.

What are the side effects of Contoura Vision?

There aren’t many Contoura Vision side effects. It’s a safe and effective surgery for vision correction. You might feel specific symptoms like dry eyes, but they go away with time. Regularly take the prescribed medicines and follow your doctor’s advice to the t for a smooth recovery.

What is the treatment like?

Your entire treatment schedule can be broadly divided into three categories. Let’s talk about all of them briefly.

Pre-operative consultation

Your eye surgeon will perform a preliminary assessment, which includes an eye examination and corneal topography. This will help determine whether you are eligible for the procedure. Your eyes will also be tested for retinal defects.

During the procedure

If you are eligible, your doctor will conduct the Contoura Vision surgery. As discussed above, this is a highly personalised treatment led by your individualised topography. The laser used in the procedure will reshape your cornea based on your topography and ensure that your vision becomes sharper.

After the procedure

The surgery will be done within minutes. Your doctor will advise a post-operative plan that might include eye drops and a list of dos and don’ts. Follow the procedure for a timely recovery.

What to expect after Contoura Vision surgery?

Get a sharp vision

As per clinical trials conducted by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), 40.4% of the candidates who had 6/6 vision could manage to read one line more on the visual acuity chart after a Contoura Vision surgery. 13.5% went even so far as being able to read two more lines on that chart, as mentioned above.

These numbers are pretty impressive, aren’t they?

Live a limitless life

Contoura Vision treatment gives a much sharper vision allowing you to take up activities that

you always avoided because of your specs, such as rafting, rock climbing and more. Not just that, but it also gives you a chance to see and appreciate the beauty around you through a new lens.

Drive with confidence

It’s dangerous to drive with blurry vision. However, with Contoura Vision, you can get the confidence to breeze through roads and terrains. Not only does the procedure treat blurriness, but it also improves your night vision, reducing issues like glare and halos.

So, are you ready to explore a specs-free life in the unique way possible? Please book an appointment with Planet LASIK, and let our experts guide you towards a limitless future!

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