It is time to ditch your glasses! Learn more about LASIK!

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It is time to ditch your glasses! Learn more about LASIK!

Have you been thinking about abandoning your corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses but aren’t so sure about LASIK surgery for vision correction? Believe it or not, now could be the best time to get your eyes treated for refractive errors in your eyes.

We have come a far way with all the advancements in ophthalmological technology. Today, refractive procedures for the treatment of eyes are not only precise and long-lasting but also efficient and painless.

With that being said, let us dig deeper and find out what LASIK has to offer and how it’s ideal for those looking forward to ditching their glasses.


LASIK or Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis is a form of eye surgery that can help people with refractive errors to gain back 20/20 vision. The procedure includes the use of a laser and ultraviolet beams.

Depending on the refractive error, the light entering the eyes may focus in front or back of the retina. The laser beams reshape the cornea (the transparent dome of the eye that covers the iris and the pupil) to help focus the light precisely on the retina for clear vision.

Issues that can be treated with LASIK

LASIK surgeries are capable of treating refractive errors in patients. This means if you have blurry vision and cannot see near or faraway objects clearly, LASIK could help you. Here are the conditions that LASIK can treat:

  • Myopia (nearsightedness): It’s a condition where you are able to see nearby objects clearly but faraway vision is blurry.
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness): You are able to see faraway objects clearly but the nearby objects appear blurry.
  • Astigmatism: In this condition, you are unable to see objects at any distance clearly. This happens when the shape of the cornea is not right.

Am I old enough for LASIK?

There is no age restriction to LASIK surgeries except if you are younger than 18 years. If you are 18 years or older, you are eligible for LASIK. However, we recommend that you get the procedure till 35 years of age for optimal results.

The best person to tell if you are eligible for LASIK surgery for vision correction is an eye specialist.

How long does a LASIK procedure take?

Refractive procedures for vision correction aren’t as long as you would expect them to be. It usually takes just around 20 minutes to treat an eye using LASIK.

What to expect?

Let us assume that you have consulted an Ophthalmologist and are clear to undergo LASIK treatment for vision correction. What shall you expect before, during, and after the procedure?

Let us have a look:

Before LASIK

Prior to the surgery, you will need to stop using contact lenses. Depending on the type of lenses you use, your doctor will suggest when should you stop wearing them. The duration may vary from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Instead of contacts, you will be suggested to wear eyeglasses.

You should stop wearing eye makeup a day before the surgery. Also, you should wash or dye your hair a day or two before the surgery. You will not be allowed to wash your hair for a week and color them for at least 3 weeks post-surgery.

You will also be expected to use antibiotic eye drops a few days before the surgery (as recommended by your doctor).

You won’t be able to drive after the surgery as your vision would still be blurry. It’s recommended to bring along someone to drive you back home.

During LASIK

A LASIK surgery for both eyes may last around 40 minutes. Numbing drops are applied to the eyes and the whole procedure is literally painless. You may feel slight discomfort or pressure on your eyes, but that’s it. Most patients do not even notice when the procedure is complete.


Post-surgery, you are expected to take your medication on time and most importantly protect your eyes from excessive light, dust, pollution, and physical pressure. You will need to wear protective eyeglasses to shield your eyes from ultraviolet light. You will also need to avoid water contact for around 3 weeks.

Although you can start reading, writing, using your mobile or PC, etc. from the following day of the procedure, you won’t be able to sit and work for long hours, especially if it involves watching a screen. If you plan to work long hours sooner, you’d be expected to take ample breaks. Your doctor would be able to suggest better in such cases.

With a team of experienced specialists, Planet LASIK offers a bunch of refractive correction solutions. If you think you would be better off with your eyeglasses, you are right.

Book an appointment today to start your journey towards a specs-free life.

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