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Femto LASIK is a remarkable solution for clear vision. Femto LASIK, also known as Femtosecond LASIK, is a modern approach to laser eye surgery that combines precision and comfort to enhance your sight. It is a blade-free procedure which offers faster recovery than standard LASIK. 

In simple terms, Femto LASIK surgery uses two types of lasers – the femtosecond laser and the excimer laser – to reshape your cornea and fix common vision issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The femtosecond laser creates a thin flap on the surface of your cornea, which is then gently lifted so the excimer laser can reshape your cornea’s curvature. This two-step laser process ensures precision and makes the procedure comfortable.

Femto LASIK offers many advantages that make it a popular choice for people who want to ditch their glasses and contacts. It’s more precise than traditional methods, reducing the chance of issues and improving your vision. Plus, the procedure is quick – usually taking just a few minutes for both eyes.

At Planet LASIK, we’re excited to offer Femto LASIK as part of our vision correction services. Our experienced team is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and informed every step of the way. We use advanced femtosecond laser technology along with our skilled surgeons to achieve excellent results.

If you’re ready to experience the world with clear vision and without the hassle of glasses, Femto eye surgery might be the answer. Reach out to us at Planet LASIK, and let’s start the journey to better vision together. With Femto LASIK, clear vision is within your reach.

Are you eligible for Femto LASIK? Let’s find out!

At Planet LASIK, we recognize the individuality of every pair of eyes. That’s why we’re here to assist you in determining whether Femto LASIK eye surgery aligns with your vision correction requirements. Femto LASIK is an impressive procedure, yet its suitability varies. The initial step involves a comprehensive eye assessment, during which our skilled team evaluates your eye health, prescription, and overall appropriateness for the treatment.

Generally, ideal candidates for Femto LASIK are individuals who:

  • Have a Stable Prescription: Your eyeglass or contact lens prescription should have remained fairly steady for around a year prior to considering Femto LASIK.
  • Are 18 Years or Older: Typically, eyes reach full maturity at age 18 or above, making this the minimum age for the procedure.
  • Do Not Have Eye Diseases: Conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and severe dry eye could influence your candidacy. Our team ensures your eye health supports the safety of Femto laser eye surgery.
  • Are Not Pregnant or Nursing: Hormonal shifts during pregnancy and nursing can affect vision stability. It’s recommended to wait until stability returns before proceeding with the procedure.
  • Are Not on Certain Medications: Specific medications might interfere with the healing process. Our team reviews your medical history to determine your suitability.
  • Have No History of Eye Infections: Active eye infections heighten the risk of complications. Ensuring your eyes are infection-free is crucial before undergoing the procedure.
  • Desire Visual Freedom: If you’re seeking liberation from glasses or contacts and yearn for unassisted clear vision, Femto LASIK procedure could be an excellent choice.

Remember, each individual possesses unique circumstances, and only a comprehensive evaluation by our adept eye care professionals can ascertain your eligibility. If you’re curious about Femto LASIK’s compatibility with your situation, we encourage you to arrange a consultation. Our team will delve into your individual scenario, address your inquiries, and guide you toward an informed decision.

Planet LASIK’s goal is to offer you tailored vision correction options that suit your needs. Reach out to us today and take your initial stride toward a future of enhanced vision, unburdened by visual aids. Your journey to improved sight commences right here.

Femto LASIK cost

On average, the cost of Femto-LASIK in India is around INR 80,000- 1,25,00 for both eyes. An exceptional provider of Femto laser treatment for eye is Planet LASIK, renowned for its exclusive approach to this procedure. Planet LASIK offers a unique combination of highly skilled medical professionals and cutting-edge technology, setting it apart as a premier destination for vision correction. The clinic’s commitment to personalized care and top-tier expertise adds to its exclusivity. It’s important to note that the quality of the procedure and the potential for improved vision are reflected in the cost. This investment not only covers the procedure itself but also the precision, expertise, and individualized attention that contribute to the overall success of the treatment. Ultimately, the cost of Femto-LASIK operation is a testament to the advancements in technology and the dedication of leading clinics like Planet LASIK to provide patients with the best possible outcomes in vision correction.



The specialist will run a series of standard tests to assess the status of your eye for the procedure.

Your specialist will use eye drops to dilate and anaesthetise your pupils.


Your eyes are kept open with the help of an instrument called Eye Speculum.

Suction is applied over your cornea using a device called patient interface. Through this the laser is precisely focussed onto the eye.

The Laser is positioned on a particular area which creates a flap on the surface of the cornea and the suction is released.

The flap is lifted to expose the corneal stroma.

Excimer Laser rays are used to reshape the cornea into the required form to resolve your refractive error problem.


Temporary discomfort and vision disturbances may occur during the first few days or weeks after the procedure and go away within three to six months after the procedure. It’s totally worth it in the end when you experience perfection in your vision.

Eye Infections are very rare after Femto LASIK and you can further decrease the risk by using medicated eye drops as directed.

Recovery Time :

Recovery time may vary from person to person, but in most cases, visual recovery takes just few days. Allowing you to be back at work or play within the week!

  • Wear an eye shield/sunglasses for 24 to 48 hours
  • Don’t miss the follow-up appointments and use eye drops as prescribed to minimise the chance of getting an infection
  • Activities such as swimming, sports, etc. should be avoided as much as possible for the initial weeks
  • Stay away from beauty products like lotions, creams and cosmetics for at least a month after the procedure


Are you eligible for Femto LASIK? Let’s find out!

People with the following traits can opt for Femto LASIK:

  • Moderate or mild problems in vision (seeing things that are near or far)
  • Adequate Corneal Thickness (You will know that through a quick test at the centre)
  • Overall, if you are a candidate for LASIK, then you are a candidate for Femto LASIK as well.

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Does Femto LASIK hurt?

Femto LASIK does not hurt a bit. You will be anaesthetized with eye drops before the procedure. Neither general anaesthesia nor the use of a needle is involved here. You will remain conscious for the entire duration of the procedure.

What’s so special about Femto LASIK?

This procedure involves –

  • Very high precision level
  • Reduced risk of inflammation
  • Fewer side-effects
  • Faster healing process

What to keep in mind after the Femto LASIK procedure?

You will need to use your eyes at the earliest after the procedure to accelerate the acclimatization of your new vision. However, for the first few days–

  • Do not rub your eyes
  • Do not wash them with water
  • Do not put makeup near them

Is Femto LASIK safe?

Femto LASIK uses a laser instead of a blade for the procedure, making it safer. Because it is computer-controlled, the chances of human error are also reduced.

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