Why should one choose Contoura Vision Surgery?

Why should one choose Contoura Vision surgery

Why should one choose Contoura Vision Surgery?

All of us want to experience the wonders of life and try out new things without any hindrances. But having a high eye power or being dependent upon spectacles may become a hassle for some. Nowadays, spectacle removal or refractive surgeries are gaining quite a momentum and transforming many people’s lives. Contoura Vision is among advanced minimally invasive refractive procedures which require minimal downtime post-surgery. Further in the blog, you will get to know why to prefer Contoura Vision and more interesting insights about the procedure.


Contoura Vision benefits include the following:

  • Painless and bladeless
  • Stitch-free
  • Outpatient procedure (same-day discharge)
  • No use of injections and bandages


What happens in the Contoura Vision procedure?

In advanced Contoura Vision surgery, the eye surgeon employs an advanced algorithm that can capture 22000 data points on the surface of the cornea. This creates a 3-D image of the eye and showcases the eye curve and potential underlying issues like astigmatism, swelling, or scarring. Thus, it is the best-suited method for the irregular cornea. The femtosecond laser then works precisely on the corneal surface to remove the refractive error. The laser is fired to create a 120 micron flap and then another laser is fired to reshape the corneal stroma. This advanced Contoura Vision surgery has been in practice for almost a decade and is often called “Contoura LASIK”. In the majority of cases, the patient gets supervision which is even better than 6/6 or 20/20. The chances of post-surgery side effects such as glare and halos also greatly reduce.

How is Contoura Vision different from LASIK?

The major difference between Contoura Vision and LASIK is that the former is more advanced and precise. The results are better in Contoura Vision and the side effects are even lesser than in LASIK. Yet

another difference is that Contoura Vision can correct higher refractive errors as compared to standard LASIK. Contoura Vision is a better choice if one has had a LASIK surgery done before and the vision changed over the years. This advanced refractive procedure gives a personalized treatment to deliver the best possible results.


Eligibility for Contoura eye surgery

Contoura vision surgery is safe and successful. However, not every person can go for this refractive procedure. If one wishes to undergo Contoura vision, the eye doctor first recommends them to go through a series of screening tests. The tests are performed to check overall eye health and the strength of different parts like the cornea, retina, and eye lens.


The eligibility criteria for Contoura vision treatment include:

  • The patient is 18 years or above
  • Stable eyeglass prescription
  • Normal corneal thickness (not too thin cornea)
  • The spherical eye power is 10D or less
  • There are no corneal diseases or condition


What precautions you must take before and after getting Contoura vision treatment

Yes, there are quite a few precautions that the eye surgeon recommends following before and after Contoura Vision surgery. Once the date of your Contoura Vision surgery is decided, your doctor will advise a few precautions to ensure no troubles arise when surgery takes place. For instance, not using contact lenses, and scheduling hair treatment at least a week before laser eye surgery.

You should be extra cautious and mindful for some time following Contoura Vision surgery as your eye surgeon suggests. During the initial few days after surgery, you may experience mild itchiness or grittiness in the eyes. Mild dryness and slightly blurry vision are also common and go away in a few days. However strong the urge may be, do not rub your eyes, doing so can harm the cornea and lead to unexpected complications.

The most common yet critical thing to avoid post-eye surgery is water and exposure to pollutants. The eyes are highly sensitive while recovering from refractive surgery and thus it is a must to stay from irritants like dust, pollution, and water. On contact with such things, there are high chances of infection, delaying recovery and the vision gets affected.

Also, you must not take a shower for 24 hours following Contoura Vision. Avoid using soap, and shampoo and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. And, strictly avoid eye makeup for at least one week.


Talk to an eye specialist

Before finalizing whether you are fit for Contoura Vision, complete evaluation is essential. It is mandatory to undergo a series of tests called pre-refractive workup. While looking for an eye specialist, always prefer a doctor with higher experience and a clear track record. You can get in touch with the Centre for Sight to get the best eye care possible. Our refractive surgeons are experts in performing Contoura Vision and other advanced procedures. Book your consultation today.

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