Myopia – A Common Eye Disorder

blog_Myopia – A Common Eye Disor

Myopia – A Common Eye Disorder

Out of the several refractive errors that people from all across the world suffer from, Myopia is the most common one. Also known as nearsightedness, this eye disorder makes distant or far away objects look blurry.

But what exactly are the issues in the human eye that lead to myopia?

In myopic or short-sighted eyes, the light from distant objects entering the eyes focuses in front of the retina instead of focusing on it. This causes faraway objects to look blurry.

But what leads to such conditions in human eyes? From the medical perspective,, when the shape of the eye is too long (the axial length) or when the cornea (the transparent layer in front of the eye) is too curved, it causes myopia.

Although we still don’t know the exact reason for myopia, studies have made it evident that your genes play a crucial role. If one or both parents are myopic, there’s a significant chance for the kid to have myopia at some point in their life.

Irrespective of whether a person tends to develop myopia, they can develop the symptoms based on how careful they are with their eyes. People who spend more time viewing screens like computer, TV, mobile, etc. and reading books are at higher risk of myopia.

Symptoms of Myopia

Some of the common symptoms of myopia are:

  • Faraway objects look blurry
  • Strain in eyes (eyes feel heavy, sore, or tired)
  • Squinting to see far things clearly
  • Headaches (not common among all myopic people)

Myopia Diagnosis

At times, it’s hard for people to tell if they are suffering from any eye disorder, such as myopia, unless tested. Those with high myopia could quickly know if they are short-sighted. Whatever the case, visiting an eye specialist is the best way to diagnose if you have myopia.

Eye specialists or ophthalmologists conduct a comprehensive eye test to determine whether you have some sort of refractive error in your eye and the power of the prescribed lenses that could help you see better.

Myopia Treatment

Eyeglasses or Contacts are the most common ways for myopia correction. According to the eye test conducted by eye specialists, they prescribe lenses with the correct power to cure myopia.

Another method for myopia treatment is LASIK surgery. Eligible candidates for LASIK can get their eyes operated on and see far-away objects clearly without the help of any aid such as eyeglasses or contact lenses.

More about LASIK for Myopia

LASIK for nearsightedness is a painless, one-time procedure that takes less than 20 minutes!

If you are short-sighted and do not wish to see the world through eyeglasses or contact lenses, then you must opt for myopia correction using LASIK technology.

Planet LASIK is one of the best places to get LASIK treatment and is home to some of India’s leading ophthalmologists specializing in LASIK surgeries. You can visit their website for more information or book a free appointment.

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