LASIK eye surgery: Myths Vs Facts


LASIK eye surgery: Myths Vs Facts

The technological advancements in the medical field are no less than miraculous wonders. The fact that you can lead a specs-free life and experience a crystal-clear vision is a boon in itself. Though LASIK eye surgery is now among the most popular refractive surgical procedure all across India, still a few myths are lurking around it. The internet is flooded with LASIK surgery myths and facts and thus it is crucial to only rely on verified sources. Through this blog, we will bust the top 7 myths and present you with the LASIK surgery facts.  

Myth 1: LASIK surgery is a painful procedure 

Fact: Is LASIK painful’ is quite a common query asked to eye specialists. The numbing eye drops used before the surgery makes LASIK a painless procedure. You may only experience mild pressure for a few moments of seconds. The entire procedure completes within 15 to 20 minutes. Once the surgery is done, the doctor prescribes mild pain relievers available over the counter to manage post-surgery discomfort. It is easy to manage and hence many people can drive and resume other routine activities within 48 hours.

Myth 2: LASIK procedure causes several side-effects

Fact: It is the major concern for most of the LASIK candidates that their vision may get damaged due to LASIK. However, clinical researches reflect that the chances of vision-related complications are very low, almost nil. But, make sure that you avoid wearing contacts without discussing them with your eye surgeon as it significantly increases the risk of infection. Temporary dryness and glare are the only common minor side effects related to LASIK eye surgery.

Myth 3: The recovery period for LASIK is too long

Fact: Long and painful recovery period is among the prevailing myths about LASIK surgery. In real, the outcomes of LASIK start coming into notice as soon as 15 minutes following the procedure. For most people, the complete recovery takes only 24-48 hours. There is no major downtime required for LASIK patients.

Myth 4: LASIK technology is not reliable

Fact: LASIK has a great track record of successful vision correction for more than two decades. Over time, more than 30 million people have undergone LASIK and experienced positive results. Numerous medical studies have also backed the high success rate and safety of LASIK. Though technological advancements will keep on happening, it does not mean the existing LASIK technology is unstable or unreliable. If you want to get the LASIK done, the right time is now.

Myth 5: All refractive surgeries are the same. The cheaper the better.

Fact: Different types of refractive surgeries involve different techniques. It is the doctor who decides the appropriate technique based on your diagnosis. Advanced techniques like SMILE and Contoura Vision are blade-free and impart precise results. Thus, you should go for the refractive surgery that your doctor advises. Visit an experienced eye specialist and clear all your doubts and queries about LASIK.

Myth 6: The LASIK surgery results depend upon the laser used and not the doctor chosen

Fact: Just like any other surgical procedure, the doctor’s skill set and knowledge matter a lot. The lasers used for the LASIK procedure must be handled precisely. An experienced and knowledgeable surgeon ensures that you get the best results from the procedure and minimize the chances of post-surgery complications.

Myth 7: Only nearsighted people can benefit from LASIK

Fact: When initially LASIK came into existence, it was used as a treatment option to get rid of shortsightedness or myopia. Fortunately, the scenario has transformed since then and LASIK can be used to correct other refractive errors like farsightedness and astigmatism. Standard LASIK could not correct presbyopia caused due to ageing, but now advanced versions are available to correct that too.

Take Away

When looking to get clear information, always rely on verified sources or an expert’s opinion. Now that the common LASIK myths are debunked, you must have gained the required clarity on LASIK surgery facts. If you wish to consult a professional eye expert (ophthalmologist) to know more about LASIK eye surgery information facts and your eligibility for the procedure, contact the Centre for Sight. We have been serving people with the best possible eye care for over 25 years. Call now to book your appointment.

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