Daily struggles of people wearing Glasses


Daily struggles of people wearing Glasses

You get your eye checked for blurry vision. The doctor recommends glasses, and you get a trendy new pair. You think all is sorted, and you can continue to live with a minor inconvenience. And after an hour or so, you discover that the inconvenience is anything but minor.

Sure, glasses do give an edge to your personality, make you look smarter, sharper, nerdier (in a good way), and of course help with blurry vision. But the list of struggles a pair of glasses come with is just endless. And as if the list wasn’t too long already, COVID has given us one more foggy struggle to deal with.

Here are some everyday struggles that people wearing eyeglasses face:

If you look at these problems one at a time, they do not seem like much to deal with. However, collectively they are quite an annoyance. Let us begin with a few you might be dealing with.

1. Mask + Glasses = I can’t see

Did you know, Masks not only save you from COVID? They also help you mask the pain caused by wearing glasses and a mask together. As soon as you put on a mask, it tends to render your glasses useless with all that fog build-up.

A device that was supposed to help you enhance your vision literally blocks your vision as soon as you put on a mask. See clearly or risk getting infected? Not a tough choice to make, but certainly annoying.

2. Weatherproof? Not so much

Sure, glasses are weatherproof. Glasses do not break or go bad when exposed to rain, wind, cold, or summer. But do they perform their only task, that is to help you see better through all weathers? Ask a guy trying to go from Point A to B in rain or cold weather.

3. Oops, I lost it. Again!

This right here is one of the top mysteries that even Science can’t answer. You have your glasses on, just going about your day, and you decide to take off your glasses for one moment. And now you cannot find it. Like, come-on!! You were just here – where did you go?

After calling in a search party and looking around for 15 minutes, you find out that your glasses were on your head all this time. Or below that pillow where you searched for them almost 15 times.

4. Workout sessions are super tedious

It’s a constant battle of putting on the glasses and taking them off during workout. A little intense session and your sweat will be all over your glasses to fog it.

Want to go jogging? You have two options: either run with a constant fear of damaging your glasses as they try to bounce off of your face, or take your glasses off and jog right into an obstacle.

5. Swimming with glasses? No thanks!

Well who doesn’t love a good swim at the end of a busy day to relax your mind. But ask a person who wears glasses to swim. They would rather skip it than take up this challenge.

Well, the list goes on and on. But wouldn’t you want this never-ending saga of glasses and its struggles to end?

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