Some common myths about LASIK that everyone should know!


Some common myths about LASIK that everyone should know!

Been thinking about LASIK surgery to get rid of those eyeglasses or contacts? It could be a tough decision to make, especially with all the rumors and myths floating around. Actually, LASIK procedures are not as tricky as you think; they are pretty simple, safe and quick.

Below, we address some of the most common misconceptions and fears about LASIK that people have. This information will not only help you with a clearer picture about the procedure, but will also guide you towards a better future, the one without eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Myth #1: The results don’t last

It is believed that LASIK surgeries do not have a long-lasting result and the effects will begin to wear off in a few years.

Fact: LASIK refractive corrections are permanent! It is highly unlikely to notice any  reduction in eyesight with time. For more than 3 decades, LASIK has been benefiting numerous patients with long-term visual correction. There’s only a rare chance of LASIK eye correction to regress. Although refractive procedures cannot prevent old-age-related eye conditions, the results are long-lasting.

Myth #2: LASIK is painful

You may call this more of a fear, because it ought to hurt, especially when something as sensitive as your eyes are to be operated on, right? This is one of the most common fears as well as myths when it comes to LASIK.

Fact: Wrong. LASIK eye procedures are literally ‘painless’. Some people even get surprised when they hear that the procedure is over with minor sensations. Before the surgery, a few drops of numbing eye drops are applied that keeps any sort of discomfort at bay. You may feel a little bit of pressure briefly but the procedure would be over before you even know it.

Myth #3: I am too old/young for LASIK

People think that they are either too young or too old to go for a LASIK treatment.

Fact: LASIK has only one age-restriction, i.e. you have to be above 18 years of age. Once you are above 18, you can go consult an eye-specialist for Laser-based eye treatments. No matter if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40, or even 60s, you are eligible for LASIK if you have healthy eyes. That being said, it’s recommended that you get this procedure done by 35.

Myth 4: LASIK only treats Myopia / Nearsightedness

It’s a common misconception that only those who cannot see faraway objects can be treat with refractive procedures like LASIK.

Fact: LASIK procedures are well capable of treating Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, as well as Astigmatism. Yes, in the past this myth was a fact, but with such advancements in technology, LASIK can treat almost all types of refractive errors.

Myth #5: I can go blind

“What if something goes wrong and I lose my eyesight forever?”

Fact: LASIK procedures have a track record for safety. Out of millions of procedures that have been carried out, there has not been a single case of blindness caused by LASIK. It is also worth noting that post-surgery complications are extremely rare and most of the patients are more than satisfied with the results.

Myth #6: Recovery period is too long

It takes days or even weeks to completely recover from LASIK procedure and it will leave you with a downtime.

Fact: LASIK procedure on an eye takes approximately 15 minutes. And once you are done with the surgery, your vision will immediately begin recovering. Usually, you can expect total vision recovery within 24 hours. Post that, you can return to your usual work, but depending on your condition or the type of work, the doctor may suggest you to avoid certain activities.

Myth #7: LASIK is expensive

People generally have a perception that LASIK surgeries are too expensive.

Fact: LASIK once was expensive; however, as the technology progressed and the demand for refractive correction surgeries arose, the price went down sharply. LASIK refractive procedures are quite common now and you can afford it quite easily.

If you are looking forward to getting rid of your lenses or glasses and we have helped you with clearing your doubts, check out our pricing page to discover the ideal solution for you to be specs-free!

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